Meet the Owners

Bob & Colleen Browning
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Bob and Colleen moved to south central Kentucky in June 2015 set on simplifying our lives, getting closer to God and nature.  We are permaculture enthusiasts enjoying the homesteading lifestyle.  

Colleen grew up in a large farming family in Northern, Illinois.  Her family raises livestock and has a grain operation. With seven siblings and a stay at home Mom until Colleen was in high school, the girls helped Mom with the gardening, canning and freezing of the fruit and vegetables. They also helped Dad in the fields by walking beans, hoeing down the weeds. Colleen brought most of this knowledge with her to our homestead.  Bob grew up in suburbia, gardening with his Mom and Grandmother. He also learned how to preserve food for future needs and desires a self-sustaining lifestyle very much.  The two of us combined make an interesting pair, we both are hard workers, environmentally conscious and looking for a lifestyle that means something to us on a personal level.  Getting our hands dirty, constantly learning new skills has been extremely rewarding.  There is something about working with the land and the animals that brings us closer to who we really are.

Permaculture has taught us that working with nature not only heals the land, it heals the soul and is good for our bodies.