About Our Homestead

Pasture-raised foods you can eat with confidence

Serenity Valley Farms is a Permaculture Homestead located in South Central Kentucky.  We are in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains right outside of Daniel Boone National Forest.  Our homestead sits on 50 acres composed of 35 acres of woods and 15 acres of pasture and homestead.  It is beautiful here, it kinda reminds me of Ireland, the grass is green most of the year temps do have a major swing from around 10 degrees to 105 degrees.  We get around 55 inches of rain per year, but most days it is sunny, humid and hot!  We are in planting Zone 6-B.

The woods make for perfect hog raising grounds, our woods are filled with nut trees that give a texture flavor to the pork that is far superior to the commodity / factory grown pork meat you buy in the store.  Our meat chickens and laying hens have 24 hour access to the green grass of the pastures.  We also have some cattle that graze our pasture for maintenance of the pastures and control weed pressures.

We promise chemical-free pastures, and maintain them in a natural way using the  animals to disturb the pasture just enough to foster growth of natural regional grasses and vegetation, as the pastures return to the grazing grass that once survived and thrived here. Using these methods, the nutritional levels and diversity of the plants increase exponentially. 

Transparency is always one of our top goals, we don't believe in government mandated labels such as "Organic".  We encourage folks to come and visit our homestead, see how we do things, see the feed, check out the pastures and see how happy the animals are.  We believe it is important for you to know who produces your food, who can you trust?  In the end, labels mean almost nothing, knowing how and who raised your food will give you the peace of mind that a sticker never can!