Pasture-raised foods you can eat with confidence

Here at Serenity Valley Farms we pride ourselves in letting pigs be pigs.  Pigs want to be outdoors, they want to eat grass and root for nuts and root plants.  Like all animals they yern to live as nature intended them to.  

Our hogs start on pasture until they get to be around 100 pounds then we move them into the forest where they can root until their hearts are content.  We supplement our pigs with non-GMO grains and never give them growth hormones and antibiotics. Our pigs are happy, you can see them wagging their tails when you visit them!

We offer our pork in 1/4 packages.  The box includes all the cuts you would normally get when having a hog processed yourself. We charge by the pound, each box weighs approximately 28 pounds.  If you want a half a hog just order multiple boxes and get that freezer filled up! 

Want more control over what you put in your freezer?  Order a half or whole hog by making a deposit to reserve yours. We grow them out to somewhere between 300 and 350 pounds, then take them to the butcher of choice for processing.This allows you to choose what you want in the order by calling in a cutting request, bratwurst, sausage, pork patties, bulk ground pork, chops, roasts, ribs, and the ultimate BACON!

Deposits are $100/half or $175/whole required in advance of butcher date.  Often times months in advance to allow the hog to grow to the appropriate live weight.

Need a whole hog for a pig roast give us a call (1-606-341-6161) and we can get it set up. Deposit required, and date of intended roast.