Welcome to Serenity Valley Farms Meat Market & Farm Store

Our Philosophy

Repairing the land & Creating Sustainability by
Raising animals the way your
Great-Grandparents would have

Before we get to the Philosophy a little backstory.  Since we moved to our homestead in 2015, we have adopted the permaculture method of raising animals and vegetables.  Our initial goal was to be self-sustainable providing food for all of our needs. We have achieved our goal and have a stockpile of at least one year's worth of food.   Along the way we had an abundance of eggs and started to sell a few, folks love the bright creamy orange yolks, and the benefit from the extra nutritional value they receive from the eggs. The taste is second to none!  We still have customers that have not bought store eggs since having ours, something we are quite proud of!  

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The eggs were such a hit that once they found out we were raising meat birds (chickens) on pasture supplementing with Non-GMO grains, no hormones or antibiotics, they wanted that too. Our first season demand was so high that we barely had any chicken left over for us to eat, but that was a good problem to have!

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Our Philosophy is also our promise to our customers:

We will not use any hormones, drugs / antibiotics, or GMO supplemental feed. Our animals will not be raised in confinement but out on pasture to bask in the sun, eat bugs and grass the way they were intended to be raised. It is our goal that our animals only have one bad day, the last day. Every day before that they will live in an environment that promotes not only the health and happiness of the animals but also care for the soil and habitat that they live in.


We get asked all the time why don't you have an organic label on your products? We do not agree with the inputs required by the USDA for the organic labeling requirements. These inputs are not good for the land or the animals so we stay away from it and our land and animals are better for it! We say we are "beyond organic".

We will be transparent; we don't want you to take our word for it! Come see the homestead, get to know us and how we do things, see for yourself how the animals are taken care of and how happy they are!

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