Mangalitsa - The Waygu of Pork

Pork sought-after by Top Chiefs the World over

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We are proud to bring the breed of Mangalitsa to Kentucky and surrounding areas. The breed is originally from Hungary, you can always pick them out because the look like sheep! Their long curly hair is very distinctive. There are three varieties of the breed, the Blonde, Reds and Swallowbelly. Some will add a fourth variety called the strawberry which can happen when breeding a blonde and red together.

In the beef world, the best beef you can buy is Waygu, originally from Japan, but in the last 15 years they have been raised in the US. In our world of raising hogs, Mangalitsa is the pork version of the much sought-after beef. What you will find when eating the pork is that the color of the meat is red, looks almost like beef. The marbling cannot be compared to any other breed of hog. It is soft, creamy, delicate that literally melts in your mouth, so good!

As with all of our hogs they grow up on pasture and are finished in the woods, we feed only Non-GMO feed and never use drug or antibiotics on our animals. Pigs raised outside are happy pigs, they love foraging in the woods for nuts and the root vegetables we plant when the pasture is resting. Our hogs forage not only on the nuts that fall from the trees, (gives the meat just a wonderful flavor), they also benefit from cover crops that we plant which is an assortment of wheat, barley, sorghum, turnips, radish, peas, alfalfa, clover and the native pasture grasses. They get their very own salad bar!

The breed was just about extinct by the 1980's but made a comeback in Australia, then exported to the UK in 2006 and finally to the US in 2007. The US has a breed association to develop and maintain the breed that is just now getting off the ground, we look forward to getting our breeding stock registered as soon as it is available.

We will have piglets available throughout the year. Call for availability at 606-341-6161.

We will require a deposit to reserve piglets, deposit fees are as follows:


Gilts - $100.00

Boars - $150.00

Barrows - $75.00

Total Cost will vary, please call for availability & pricing.

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