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Feeder & Roasting Pigs

Superior Meat, Pasture Raised, Forest Finished, Non-GMO Feed, Drug and Antibiotic free

Here at Serenity Valley Farms we raise a blend of the best quality meat hogs and roasting pigs. We have 8 sows and it seems like we always have piglets for sale. Our boar (Moe) is full bred Mangalitsa, Our sows range from full bred Duroc, to mix breeds of Berkshire/Hampshire, Landrace & Yorkshire.

The Mangalitsa breed was brought to the US about 15 years ago from Hungary and is commonly called the "Waygu of Pork" for its excellent marbling quality and clean, white, soft, melt-in-your-mouth fat. The hams are often used in high end charcuterie making some of the world best prosciutto ham. Our sows bring more of a production quality to the piglets. The piglets on average take 8 month to grow out to 275 to 325 pounds, the perfect butcher weight. You will notice that the meat is red in color and has great marbling. If you save and render the fat to make lard, we believe you will never go back to anything else making pies and baking. The sows have large loins and front shoulders as well as hams, not to mention lots of bacon! This adds to the value of our products.

Please note, we run a closed herd, that means we are not buying and selling pigs, any hog you purchase from us will have been farrowed and raised here on the farm. This way you know what you are getting. The hog you receive has not changed hands 2 or 3 times having been shuffled around in stressful situations, confined in stalls or pens. Our pigs are allowed to be pigs, outside were they are the happiest. Come out and see the operation for yourself, see the feed, check out the woods and look how happy the animals are doing what they do best, just being a pig!

For the hog roasters out there we offer two options, pigs at 175lbs or less and over 175lbs. Each hog will be one of our Mangalitsa crosses perfect for roasting on the spit or in a pit. We will provide the hog, you will need to process for roasting.

Call 606-341-6161 for availability and you can make your deposit via this website.

Deposits are as follows for meat hogs

Piglet Barrows & Gilts - $125.00 (Current Pricing $125.00 for Barrow's $125.00 for Boarlings & Gilts)

Roasting hogs 175lbs and under - $200.00 (Current Pricing $200.00 Call to verify)

Roasting hogs 175lbs and over - $300.00 (Current Pricing $300.00 Call to verify)

Breeding Gilts (piglets) - $150.00

Breeding Boar (piglets) - $150.00 (deposit required, we castrate at 4 weeks)

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